Marvel NewsWhat If Episode 6 Trailer Features Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger

What If Episode 6 Trailer Features Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger

What If Killmonger became Tony Stark's bodyguard?

Marvel Studios and Disney+ just gave fans another look at the next What If episode featuring Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger, the Black Panther villain turned fan-favorite, and Tony Stark. Killmonger will meet Stark in the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline during the What If episode. The way it looks in the promo, Jordan’s character will become a bodyguard for this universe’s version of Robert Downey Jr.’s Stark.

What If Episode 6 Promo

Another What If episode 6 trailer was released this morning and it hints at the Black Panther villain and Tony Stark playing a bigger role later on in the What If…? series. It also, looks like the show is planning to have previous featured characters making more appearances in the remaining season with What If…?


What If…? designer Paul Lasaine told The Direct the kinds of characters fans could expect to see in What If Season 2. Apparently, some characters from the first season of the Disney+ show will spillover into the next season.

“Some of the new movies that are coming out, there are some characters [in Season 2] that are based on that. And then there’s some that are brand new, like… literally brand new,” Lasaine said. “There was one thing, and this is a Season 2 thing, and this will not be a spoiler, but we wanted to do this cool effect in this one place, and it was really a cool, interesting camera effect.”


Marvel Studios will use a What If camera effect for a movie that isn’t coming out for another two or three years.

“And the producers came back and said ‘Well, actually, we’re gonna be doing that on this other movie which isn’t coming out yet for another year or two, so can you come up with a different effect?’ ‘Ok, yeah, sure, we can do that.’ It doesn’t happen that often, again because we are primarily basing…every one of these episodes, for the most part, is based on these existing movies, even if it’s a mash-up,” he continued. “You know, our Episode 2 was Guardians of the Galaxy and Black Panther, so we know what that pretty much entails, and we don’t go too far off-field.


The upcoming What If episode with Killmonger and Tony Stark premieres tomorrow, September 15th on Disney+. After seeing Avengers get picked off one-by-one and a world full of superheroes turning into zombies, this next episode might change the tone into a lighter one.

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