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The Walking Dead: Scott Gimple Answers Burning Questions about the Entire TWD Universe

On the heels of the special two-part finale of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Scott Gimple, chief content officer for The Walking Dead universe, tackled some of fans’ most burning questions.

Scott Gimple, The Walking Dead Universe

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In an interview with, Gimple delved into topics relating to the mothership The Walking DeadFear the Walking DeadThe Walking Dead: World Beyond and the movies and spinoffs that lie ahead.

Tackling the most recent episode to air, the finale from Sunday night, Gimple explained how World Beyond will be quite different in the back-10 episodes.


“There’s like three very, very different worlds,” he said during the interview. “Technically you might be able to say four. And they are incredibly contrasted from one another. And our characters will exist in these different worlds and crash together in different ways. And so, they’re not all walking on this great journey with each other. Rather, they’re inhabiting places that are very different, and in some ways in conflict with each other. And it’s defining them very differently. And that can be a problem with how close these characters are to sort of be on suddenly different teams.”

Reflecting on the planned spinoff shows—both the Daryl and Carol adventure show, and the more self-contained Walking Dead Tales show, Gimple noted both will allow a steady flow of The Walking Dead into people’s lives.


“I think there’s gonna be a mix of old favorites in various ways, whether they be specials, whether they be mini-series, whether they be on Tales, and then things like Carol and Daryl, and rolled out in a way that we’re not over-saturating people with it,” he said.

Other tidbits from the Scott Gimple interview included the upcoming end date for the original, why World Beyond is only going two seasons, some hints about Rick Grimes, and how all the shows are coming together to tie everything in nicely.

There’s still years of Walking Dead shows ahead, and we’re all grateful.

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