AMC is getting fans excited about the final season of The Walking Dead, with the release of a new clip entitled, “It comes for us all.” In the first clip of TWD Season 11’s two-part season premiere, “Acheron: Part I” and “Acheron: Part II,” we find Daryl (Norman Reedus) and his trusted companion, Dog, on a somewhat troublesome mission to save Alexandria. There’s also a violent storm that forces their small group of survivors underground.

The sneak peak, which was shown at the end of the Daryl’s episode of The Walking Dead: Origins, airing on AMC+, features a subway tunnel aligned with cryptic messages including “truth lies” and “it comes for us all.” One ominous spray-painted message reads “If there is a God he will have to beg for my forgiveness,” and a mural may just be foreshadowing what’s ahead at the Commonwealth.

The Walking Dead Season 11 2-Part Premiere

The official synopsis for Acheron: Part 1 find Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) leading the group into the subway tunnel for safety after an exploration for food is impacted by a violent storm.

“The terror is relentless as our people get a glimpse of what Maggie and her group endured prior to returning to Alexandria,” it reads. “Meanwhile, those captured by the strange soldiers are relocated to another undisclosed location.”

In Part II, the survivors discover a member did not make it to safety inside the subway car but the walkers in the tunnel make offering help next to impossible. With very little ammo and energy remaining, the group gets ready to battle the walkers who have entered their subway car.

Elsewhere in the episode, Daryl is dealing with serious problems and Yumiko challenges the process at the Commonwealth outpost, which threatens her future and that of Eugene, Ezekiel, and Princess.

Th Walking Dead season 11 premieres on Aug. 22 on AMC and it can’t come soon enough!



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