The 24-episode final season of the The Walking Dead will kick things off with a two-part season premiere on August 22 on AMC. The three communities that once had their own homes are now living as one behind the war-torn walls of Alexandria which is in the verge of collapse itself after the events of the Whisperer War. Among the survivors are Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) and her new group, the Wardens, who almost fell prey to the latest TWD villains called the Reapers.

In a new The Walking Dead season 11 teaser “The End Begins”, you can catch a glimpse of the human-hunting villains who were first shown in The Walking Dead season 10 bonus episode “Home Sweet Home” where the reapers attacked Maggie and Daryl (Norman Reedus). In the final season of The Walking Dead,  the survivors will once again face the masked villains.

The Walking Dead Executive Producer and Showrunner Angela Kang on Talking Dead

“This Attacker they meet in the woods, we know that this is part of the backstory of what Maggie’s been up to up until this point. There’s a lot of clues there about who this person is, even though he’s mysterious and doesn’t say much,” showrunner Angela Kang said on Talking Dead regarding the camouflaged Reaper (Mike Whinnet) who attacks Maggie and Daryl in the extended Season 10. “But clearly [he] has a high level of training, is an excellent fighter — there’s a moment where he is shot with a bolt and he just snaps it off and keeps going — and this is one guy in the woods that takes out multiple people. He gets Maggie and Daryl, who are two of our strongest characters, into a bind in a really dangerous situation.”

Image Credit: AMC

“I think what’s even more terrifying than what he was able to do physically as just one man is when he actually starts talking, they’ve finally apprehended him, and he mentions: ‘Pope marked you,'” added executive producer Denise Huth on Talking Dead. “And Maggie doesn’t know what that means, we don’t know what that means, but it’s really creepy. I think it’s really interesting to see characters like Maggie, and Cole (James Devoti), and Elijah (Okea Eme-Awkwari) — they’re afraid. And for characters as strong and as good as fighters as they are, for them to be afraid, this is a whole other level of what they’re going to be up against.”

The first part of the The Walking Dead season 11 premiere “Acheron: Part 1,” will have Maggie leading the survivors on a dangerous mission to find supplies when a violent storm will force them to go underground into a subway tunnel full of walkers. In “Acheron: Part 2,” Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the survivors face a situation where “No Man Left Behind” becomes “We Keep Going.”

The Walking Dead season 11 continues with episode 3 titled, “Hunted,” which hints at the Reapers return. Sunday, August 22, 2021 will start the Final Season of The Walking Dead.


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