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The Walking Dead Extended Season 10 “Here’s Negan” Episode Trailer Released

TWD bonus episode reveals Negan's origin story.

AMC’s The Walking Dead released a trailer for “Here’s Negan” — one of it’s extended season 10 anthology-style episodes.

Walking Dead Universe chief content officer spoke to about the six bonus episodes.


When Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) and her son return after years of being away, Carol (Melissa McBride) takes the changed Negan, who once tormented the survivors of Hilltop, Alexandria and The Kingdom, on a journey that induces him to reflect on past events that led him to this point in his life and story. He confronts the skeletons in his past like being an unfaithful husband to Lucille. Played by real-life wife Hilarie Burton Morgan, Lucille eventually loses to pancreatic cancer 12 years before Season 10C. Negan will have to decide his future in the wake of the Whisperer War.

“It’s in the aftermath of 10A and 10B. It is a part of that story. It’s connected to all that,” Gimple said. “Even like ‘Here’s Negan’ obviously has to do with Negan’s backstory, but even then, that is directly connected to the story coming out of Season 10.”

The Walking Dead Extended Season 10 "Here's Negan" Episode Trailer Released
Image Credit: AMC

The extended season 10 bonus episodes were filmed over a six-week period in the fall. The scope and scale of the episodes were designed to be smaller for safer shooting during the ongoing pandemic.

“We had to go right at it. Angela [Kang, showrunner], the staff, some writers from the past, from Walking Dead past, some people who came back to actually work on them. Everybody just gave it their all,” Gimple said. “And like Fear the Walking Dead, they’re concentrated stories because they’re shot in a way where we only have a couple of characters that we’re focusing on.”


“Here’s Negan” premieres April 4 where Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be paired with his real-life wife in the prequel, which is inspired by a 16-chapter comic book origin story with the same title.

“For the Negan fans, we’re going to do our version of the comic book story ‘Here’s Negan,’ and Lucille is going to be played by JDM’s real-life wife, Hilarie Burton Morgan. And they’re amazing together,” Kang teased during The Walking Dead Holiday Special in December. “So I’m really excited for everyone to see our various people getting to shine.”

The eleventh and final season of The Walking Dead is now filming its 24 episodes, which will debut later this year on AMC. Season 10C returns to AMC with its new bonus episodes on Sunday, February 28th. You can catch the first episode one week earlier on AMC+.

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