FilmThe Matrix Resurrections Trailer Debuts With Neo and Trinity Back In Action

The Matrix Resurrections Trailer Debuts With Neo and Trinity Back In Action

See Neo and Trinity back in the Matrix in The Matrix Resurrections first trailer.

Warner Bros. just made some people very happy, as the studio has released the first trailer for the much-anticipated The Matrix Resurrections showcasing Keanu Reeves’ return as his iconic character, Neo, and Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity.

Written and directed by Lana Wachowski, the fourth movie of the Matrix series definitely seems to have the same classic Matrix style.

The Matrix Resurrections Trailer Reveals Some Familiar Visuals


The latest installment of the Matrix seems to be relying on many of the things that fans love most about the original films, with The Matrix Resurrections trailer showing images of the black cat, the white rabbit tattoo, and Neo and Morpheus’ notable fight in the dojo among the stunning visuals and exciting action presented.

The last Matrix film was released in 2003, and even though Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss’s characters of Neo and Trinity died at the conclusion of the trilogy, both return to the iconic sci-fi franchise for the fourth movie.


In The Matrix Resurrections trailer, Yahya Abdul-Mateen’s character is trying to help Neo remember who he is, as his alter ego Thomas Anderson has just little fragments of memories of his life. Trinity seems to have similar issues and when they “meet,” they have no recollection of each other.

“I’ve had dreams that weren’t just dreams,” Reeves’ character says to a psychiatrist played by Neil Patrick Harris. “Am I crazy?”


It’s a valid question considering the things he sees, such as looking into a mirror and seeing an image of an old man in his place. But the truth is out there and all Neo needs to do is follow.

The action and fighting scenes look incredible and Matrix Resurrections is sure to be like a shot of adrenaline to anyone watching. It’s pretty obvious that Neo will soon remember, but when seeing what he’s faced with when he does, will it be something he’s happy about?

The Matrix 4 will be released in movie theaters and on HBO Max on Dec. 22 and all questions will be answered.

Watch The Matrix Resurrections trailer below to see Neo and Trinity back in action.

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