Early reactions for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson as the next Dark Knight aren’t meant to release until next week, but already, fans are promoting his performance on Instagram. And these early reactions to the new Batman movie are very positive indeed.

The Batman early reactions have already dropped, with the caped crusader coming in hot for the film’s release date on March 4, 2022. A review embargo for The Batman plans to be lifted by 9AM PST this coming Monday, so more people will be able to see praise for the upcoming DC film. MTV UK has already given a glimpse of the positive remarks via their Instagram page, with quotes such as, “euphoric”, “sensational”, and “gripping.”

The Batman, though part of the greater DC Extended Universe, will also be creating its own inclusive Batman world, as Pattinson’s rendition of the character existing in a different Gotham to Ben Affleck’s version from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Though Affleck is also set to appear in the much-anticipated The Flash film alongside Michael Keaton’s Batman.

This upcoming retelling follows Robert Pattinson’s Batman as he prowls the streets for two years, hunting crime, before coming across the notorious serial killer The Riddler, played by Paul Dano, and reluctantly teams up with Catwoman, played by Zoë Kravitz. This Batman universe will also continue in the forthcoming HBO Max series focused on The Penguin, who is being played by Colin Farrell. Director Matt Reeves has already discussed development of The Batman 2 with Pattinson.

The Batman character has appeared in multiple films portrayed by all kinds of actors for decades. Many hardcore fans were nervous about Robert Pattinson’s casting in the role, but it is clear that he has proven himself worthy to don the iconic bat cowl. Despite such specific affirmations, fans are still withholding judgement until the film’s official release date as they maintained the same reservations about Ben Affleck’s casting.

Make sure to check out The Batman with Robert Pattinson in theaters come March 4!


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