The Batman deleted Joker scene with Barry Keoghan has made its way online today thanks to the Robert Pattinson Caped Crusader film director Matt Reeves.


The Joker was teased towards the end of The Batman when a mysterious voice spoke to the Riddler (Paul Dano) inside Arkham Asylum’s prison cells. A silhouette of the presumed character was only seen followed by hysterical laughs which confirmed the mystery character was indeed the Joker.

In the newly released The Batman deleted Joker scene, fans can now watch Robert Pattinson’s Batman meet Joker for the first time in Matt Reeve’s version of the DC character. Marvel’s Eternals star Barry Keoghan played the unseen cameo towards the end of The Batman’s theatrical release.

The Batman Deleted Joker Scene Is Both Exciting and Eerie to Watch

In the deleted scene, Joker and Batman share a classic interrogation scene between prison glass. Batman questions the Joker about what he may think about the Riddler and to form a profile on the serial killer.

The Marvel’s Eternals star reacted to the release of The Batman deleted Joker scene by saying he has “No words” about what the director accomplished with the iconic exchange between the two iconic DC characters.

Reeves previously talked bout the decision to include Joker in The Batman. The decision was made in order to further the director’s version of this Batman universe and how a violent Gotham City already existed by seeing a little bit of Batman’s rogue gallery taking shape.

“It’s not an Easter egg scene,” Reeves told Variety. “It’s not one of those end credits Marvel or DC scenes where it’s going, like, ‘Hey, here’s the next movie!’ In fact, I have no idea when or if we would return to that character in the movies. I thought it’d be really neat if so much of the fabric of Gotham just already existed.”

“…I never was trying to say like, ‘Hey, guess what, here’s the Joker. Next movie!'” he added. “The idea was more to say, ‘Hey, look, if you think that trouble is going to go away in Gotham, you can forget it. It’s already here. And it’s already delicious.'”

After watching The Batman deleted Joker scene, we’re wondering why an iconic and eerie scene was taken out from the theatrical version, but perhaps there are a couple reasons why it didn’t make the cut. One reason may be because it might distract fans from the primary villains of the film.

Whatever other reasons the studio and Matt Reeves might have had, it’s still a pretty cool to see Pattinson’s Batman and Keoghan’s Joker in a scene that reminds us all about the relationship between the two iconic DC comics characters. They do really complete each other.

The Batman is currently playing in theaters only. Watch The Batman deleted Joker scene below.


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