Spider-Man: No Way Home just gave fans a superhero movie they’ll remember for a long time and now what’s on everyone’s mind is where does the Spider-Man movie franchise go from here. Good news is, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures confirmed that the collaborating studios are already actively developing a fourth Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland.

Producer Amy Pascal and Marvel Studios Kevin Feige sat down with New York Times to talk about Spider-Man: No Way Home and also addressed what’s next for Spider-Man movies. According to Pascal, the ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home intentionally set up Spider-Man 4 and the future of the franchise. There could be a possibility of a new Spider-Man movie trilogy.

“You see Spider-Man make a momentous decision, one that you’ve never seen him make before,” Pascal explained. “It’s a sacrifice. And that gives us a lot to work within the next film.”

Spider-Man: No Way Home Spoilers Below

The Spider-Man: No Way Home ending is inspired by one of Marvel Comics’ storylines, “One More Day.” Similar to No Way Home, Peter’s life is reset but those who were close to him also would forget who he is. In the MCU adaptation, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) seeks the help of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to erase all memory of Peter Parker being Spider-Man from the minds of everyone. Peter eventually receives what he asked for and is essentially given a blank slate in life since all his family have passed on and his friends and the rest of the Avengers have all forgotten who he is.

According to Amy Pascal, they can take Peter Parker aka Spider-Man in any direction — from the grounded solo character story that’s now set up by No Way Home to a story about mystic and/or cosmic implications of what he’s done. Spider-Man 4 could even be about a new Venom origin and fans can finally see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man don the black symbiote suit. A possibility now since the Spider-Man: No Way Home post-credits scene revealed a piece of the symbiote remaining in Peter 1’s universe.

What story and challenges would you like Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to face next?

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now playing in theaters only.


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