Spider-Man: Michael Keaton Confirms Filming “Vulture Stuff”

The Spider-Man: Homecoming villain will return.

Spider-Man: Michael Keaton Confirms Filming
Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Michael Keaton, who has made a comeback in making superhero movies, confirmed he will be filming new Vulture material this week.

During Jimmy Kimmel Live on November 17th, Michael Keaton spoke about his return as the Cape Crusader aka Bruce Wayne/Batman in the upcoming Flash movie with Ezra Miller. Along with updating fans with Batman news, Keaton also revealed he’ll be reprising his Vulture role from Spider-Man: Homecoming.

“I’m shooting tomorrow — I’m shooting Vulture stuff,” Keaton shared. When asked to elaborate Keaton merely repeated “Vulture stuff.”

Keaton was talking about how the nature of filming superhero movies can be so secretive and not necessarily in chronological order (in regards to filming scenes in order) that he doesn’t bother to ask too many questions. He didn’t ask WB if George Clooney or Val Kilmer would be in The Flash movie and reprise their Batman roles.

Keaton isn’t the first Spider-Man villain to reveal that they would be involved in an upcoming Spider-Man film via interviews. Alfred Molina spoke about playing Doc Ock again in Spider-Man: No Way Home before being confirmed which may have caused him to get a slap on the wrist by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

He didn’t give further details as to why he’s filming additional Vulture scenes and for which movie. There’s a good chance he may appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but if he doesn’t, the MCU and its multiverse allows Keaton to appear just about anywhere within the Marvel and Sony collaborated films.

It could just mean he shot additional scenes for Morbius which everyone knows Keaton’s a part of when fans saw him from the first trailer. But it would make a lot of sense, if Keaton does appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home also because the film is going to feature multiple villains from past Spider-Man films.

Either way, it’s safe to say we’ll be getting more of Michael Keaton’s Vulture at some point in the future.

Morbius hits theaters sometime in January 2022. Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into theaters this December 17th.


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