Marvel NewsSpider-Man 4 With Tom Holland Secretly In Development

Spider-Man 4 With Tom Holland Secretly In Development

A Spider-Man 4 starring Tom Holland is reportedly in secret development at Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures.

Tom Holland is part of a secret Spider-Man 4 production that is reportedly in development with Marvel Studios and Sony. With the highly anticipated Spider-Man: No Way Home hitting theaters in just a week, it is no wonder that fans are gaga over the news.

Who is Tom Holland?

Tom Holland made his debut as Peter Parker in the MCU’s 2016 Captain America: Civil War, but truly broke out of the web when he starred in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Ever since, Holland has been considered the most beloved film version of the Spider-Man character. He appeared in a couple of the Avengers movies and then starred again in the 2019 release of Spider-Man: Far From Home. The final film in that trilogy will be the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is predicted to be the largest box office opening of this entire year.

How Much Money Will Spider-Man: No Way Home Make?


The unlikely Sony and Disney relationship has allowed movies like Spider-Man to bring in the bank—meaning that No Way Home is likely to make gobs of money. The first in the newer trilogy, Spider-Man: Homecoming, grossed $880.1 million worldwide and the second, Far From Home, made $1.1 billion. Early ticket sales for No Way Home were almost as big as they were for Avengers: Endgame. Since COVID-19, theaters are grateful for the renewed action and high sales keep the studios wanting to produce more of the same content.

Is Spider-Man 4 Next for Tom Holland?

Because Disney and Sony have formed a deal when it comes to Holland, what lies next is another MCU team-up. Tom Holland will once again play the iconic role of Peter Parker. Studio producer Amy Pascal has said that they want to make another Spider-Man trilogy starring the treasured actor, but nothing has been officially announced—hence, the secret production. Matthew Belloni from Puck made mention to a Spider-Man 4 hush-hush project, but there’s been no further comment.

Has Holland Cemented His Future as Part of the MCU?


Definitely. Tom Holland has become the next worthy inheritor of the MCU throne, replacing legends like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Consider this as an MCU “transitional period”, post-Endgame, which allows Marvel to adopt a familiar face as they progress forward with new characters. Holland has discussed leaving the Spider-Man role, but not for a while to come. The biggest concern for fans at this moment is what sort of plot Spider-Man 4 could follow once No Way Home is released.

Check out Spider-Man: No Way Home in theaters Dec. 17th!

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