She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 8 begins with a late-night robbery of a department store. A duo of criminals are attacked by a vigilante who names himself Guard Frog (Brandon Stanley). The criminals are confused.

She-Hulk Episode 8 cuts to Jen’s (Tatiana Maslany) office, the now unmasked vigilante tries to explain his hero name is Leap Frog. Jen, only half paying attention, tells him to continue describing what happened. Leap Frog describes trying to flee the scene with his jetpack legs but ends up on fire.

Leap Frog asks if he can sue for defective jetpacks. Jen mildly agrees that there is a case here. When Jen asks who made this ensemble, Leap Frog tells her the manufacturer was Jacobson, the same tailor who makes Jen’s Hulk-friendly clothes.

Jen tries to make her case to her boss that she doesn’t want to take on the case. Her request is denied as Leap Frog is a valued client and she’s urged to work things out with Jacobson.

Aiming to do just that, Jen goes to visit Jacobson in his production suite. She awkwardly tries to bring up the case and Jacobson gets defensive about his work. He continuously stresses that he doesn’t make defective products and then blacklists Jen as a client. Jen storms off angrily.

She-Hulk Episode 8 continues in court and Jacobson appears without a lawyer. After the judge asks who the council is, Jacobson’s lawyer shows up. It’s Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), aka Daredevil, the blind lawyer.

Matt immediately proceeds with his opening statements. Jen finds herself going on the defensive trying to argue her case to the judge. The debate soon turns toward the topics of superheroes and identities.

The judge sides with Matt. Eugene tries to argue he has a case. Matt then asks what type of fuel Eugene used for his jetpack boots and he states it was jet fuel. An angered Jacobson says his instructions advised against jet fuel.

With this new information, the judge throws out the case. Jen tries to apologize to Jacobson for this case and see if he’ll still make her clothes. He says no and that he hates her now.

She-Hulk Episode 8 then cuts to a the bar. A depressed Jen is approached by Matt. They talk about the case and how Matt is a friend of Jacobson. Speaking about the idiocy of the trial, they start connecting as Matt slowly reveals more about himself and his law firm.

Matt admits he admires Jen as She-Hulk. He then leaves for a moment and Jen addresses the fourth wall to see if there’s chemistry here. She then gets a text message from Todd, the tech bro with a She-Hulk fetish from a few episodes ago.

Matt returns to say he needs to leave but admits he enjoyed talking with Jen. She gets another message from Todd and decides to meet with him that night. He brings up how he might have a case for her.

After transforming into She-Hulk, Jen meets Todd at a restaurant. He boasts about buying a spear from Wakanda and makes an uncomfortable level of admiration. When Jen asks what’s wrong with the purchase, Todd says Wakanda wants the spear back since it was stolen by colonizers.

Todd attempts to romance Jen. Jen rejects him and spills wine on the table. She leaves in a huff and says she’s billing Todd for the full hour.

After getting home, Jen gets a call from Eugene. He’s in the car being physically attacked. Jen notices he’s close and says she’ll meet him at a parking ramp to save him. She grabs a special outfit (closer to the comics) before leaving in her She-Hulk form.

After Todd drives to the top of the parking ramp, Jen arrives to find out who’s been attacking Eugene. It’s Daredevil, currently in his yellow and red outfit. He tells her to back off but Jen decides to fight him anyway.

The two engage in combat as Eugene attempts to speed away. After smashing Daredevil into a car, Jen rips off his mask. She’s so surprised to discover it’s Matt in the outfit that she transforms back into her human form to apologize for not knowing his secret identity.

After going over his powers, Matt explains that Leap Frog has kidnapped Jacobson. Jen then admits she doesn’t know who Daredevil is and they have some fun banter about his costume. The two ultimately decide to work together.

At Eugene’s warehouse lair, Jacobson is forced to create Leap Frog a new costume. As Eugene bickers about how he wants to appear, Jen and Matt watch from the outside. They plan their next move and Matt reveals that there are 25 bad guys inside, based on his hearing abilities.

Matt also brings up how he can hear Jen’s heartbeat as well in a moment of almost romance. Trying to take control of the situation, Matt says he’ll disable all the goons. Jen bitterly wants to contribute and Matt reluctantly accepts her help if she follows his lead.

Inside the building. Daredevil proceeds to beat up all the goons with a mixture of weapons and fists. When backup goons arrive, Jen immobilizes them all with one smash in Hulk form. She remarks to Daredevil, “She-Hulk smash.”

Daredevil and She-Hulk proceed to beat up the goons and save Jacobson. After freeing Jacobson, Jen and Matt attempt to give Eugene a sound legal strategy for ceasing his evil ways. During their exchange, Jen admits she admires Matt’s legal skills.

Eugene attempts to flee out a window but hurts himself when he lands. The cops take him away on a stretcher. Jacobson bitterly says he’ll take Jen back on as a client for clothing.

After the scene is cleared, Jen and Matt hang out on top of Leap Frog’s warehouse. Jen thanks Matt and Matt thanks Jen. They also engage in a mild debate about who was the better superhero in that situation.

Matt asks if he can take Jen out to dinner and she says they can skip all that. She-Hulk Episode 8 cuts to Jen’s place where she immediately starts to make out with Matt the moment they get inside. Their costumes are seen on the floor as they shut the bedroom door.

The next morning in She-Hulk Episode 8, Matt leaves in his Daredevil costume. Jen breaks the fourth wall and asks why the show is still going. She gets news of an upcoming gala for Female Lawyer of the Year and Jen suspects that this is some big twist scene before the big finale to the season.

Jen gets mildly excited, debating if this twist will be about a Red Hulk or if she’s getting “fridged,” referring to a comic trope of killing off female characters in the worst way. Unsure, she gets ready for the gala.

Jen arrives at a gala in her She-Hulk form wearing a stunning dress. Photographers snap pictures as she walks up the red carpet. Her parents are present and admire how nice she looks.

Jen is called up onto the stage where a number of female lawyers have to state what they like about their job. When it’s Jen’s turn to speak, she tries to speak openly about people who supported her. Her speech is interrupted by a distorted voice that says they’ll reveal who She-Hulk really is.

The digital display behind Jen reveals footage of masked terrorists going by the group name Intelligencia. They say she’s a slut and then reveal a sex tape of Jen with Josh to an entire crowd. Angered, Jen turns into She-Hulk and destroyed the display, causing the audience to freak out and flee.

As everyone leaves, Jen notices a masked man fleeing fast. Jen breaks through a wall to grab and roar at him. She is then forced to drop the man as a security task force corners her.

There is no mid-credit scene in She-Hulk Episode 8.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode 8 is currently streaming on Disney+, as are the previous seven episodes. She-Hulk season finale premieres Oct 12.


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