She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 7 starts with Jen (Tatiana Maslany) in the bathroom. She’s getting ready for a date with Josh (Trevor Salter), whom she met at a wedding in episode 6, as revealed by a text message. After picking out a dress, she starts preparing for his arrival.

She meets Josh outside her house. They go out on a date and seem to have a lovely time. Their relationship continues to blossom with each night on the town.

After the third date, Jen finally invites Josh inside her apartment. She awakens the next morning, revealed to be Friday. Josh is gone but she had a wonderful night with him.

After getting ready for the day, she gets anxious for the next text message from Josh. She continues this obsession at the office where Nikki talks about how Jen has been nominated for Female Lawyer of the Year. Nikki asks what Jen thinks of the creepy site trolling She-Hulk but Jen doesn’t seem to mind.

Nikki tries to calm Jen’s nerves about Josh not answering right away. It does not work. Jen spends Saturday anxiously awaiting Josh’s reply but gets nothing all day.

Sunday morning in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 7, Jen is awakened by a call. The call is coming from Chuck, a parole officer. He’s calling about Blonsky (Tim Roth) breaking his parole by turning into the Abomination on his ranch.

Chuck’s call is to ask for Jen’s help in her She-Hulk form to act as proper security. Jen is reluctant but has nothing else going on that day. She agrees and drives out to the ranch.

After a long drive, and a singalong to Hanson playing on the radio, she meets Chuck at the ranch. Chuck recommends Jen go into Hulk form when she arrives. She obliges and they meet Blonsky on his porch.

Chuck checks the inhibitor and finds that Blonsky’s inhibitor malfunctioned on an electric fence. After Chuck leaves, Jen and Blonsky speak for a bit. Their conversation is interrupted by a fight between two men where they smack into Jen’s car.

After Jen breaks up the fight in her Hulk form, Blonsky informs Jen that these two men are working through their differences. The one with the horns introduces himself as Man-Bull. The one in the mask greets Jen as El Aguila.

Blonsky tries to smooth things over with Jen but she’s still pissed about the car. He offers to let Jen stay at his estate while they await a tow truck that won’t arrive for some time. While they wait, Blonsky gives Jen a tour of the lush grounds.

All Jen wants to do is work as he asks for a desk and WiFi. Blonsky informs her that he has no reception. He tries to play this off as a much-needed break for her and lets her wander around.

After searching for cell service around the ranch, Jen stumbles onto Blonksy’s therapy session in a barn. Other superpowered individuals are present and continue talking about their personal issues. Jen is more interested in the small signal she has picked up on her phone.

Blonsky tries to convince the member Porcupine to take off his costume but he refuses. Jen is shocked when one of the men who attacked her arrives for the group. She does a quick fourth-wall break to inform the audience who this guy was since it’s been many episodes since his last appearance.

Jen transforms into She-Hulk and smacks the guy into a row of chairs. Blonsky attempts to calm Jen by recommending they talk about these issues. Jen, reluctantly, agrees to hear him out in the group circle.

While the man attempts to apologize, Jen isn’t very accepting of this admittance. The rest of the group encourages Jen to finally talk about herself. She eventually starts talking about how she’s concerned about her love life.

The group gives their input about Jen’s situation regarding Josh’s text messages. They suggest that Jen might’ve been ghosted. Feeling emotional, Jen reveals how she’s been feeling uncertain and uncomfortable since becoming She-Hulk.

Jen then brings up how she really wants her relationship to work with Josh since he loves her as Jen and not She-Hulk. The group is so invested they nearly commit to killing Josh as revenge. After Blonsky calms them again, the group speaks more openly about how Jen needs to be more in touch with herself.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 7 continues with Jen eventually coming to trust the group enough to be Jen during the group session. The group applauds her comfortable transition. Porcupine, inspired by Jen takes off his costume as well, revealing a rank smell that disgusts the group.

The group recommends that Jen delete Josh’s messages so that it won’t control her life. She does so and the group cheers for her. Feeling more open, Jen decides to spend some time at the ranch’s yurt, exciting the rest of the group.

Jen gives a heartfelt goodbye to everybody on the ranch. They bid her farewell as Jen prepares to get a ride in the tow truck hauling her car. Blonsky tells her before she goes that Jen can return anytime she needs to feel better about herself.

Three days earlier in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 7, Jen’s third date night is revealed. After the two have sex and Jen goes to sleep, Josh takes this time to snap a photo of Jen in bed. He sends the photo to a number with the accompanying emojis of a syringe, vial, and thumbs-up.

There is no mid-credit scene for this episode.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode 7 is currently streaming on Disney+, along with the previous six episodes.


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