She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 5 begins with an advertisement for makeup. Titania (Jameela Jamil) advertises her new skin care, beauty, and wellness products. The product line is called She-Hulk.

Jen witnessed this ad on television while she was at home. Jen also spots Titania’s She-Hulk ad on a billboard when driving into work. Even the radio is playing an advertisement for her line of products.

After returning home from work, Ched (Nicholas Cirillo) bursts into Jen’s room. Ched informs Jen that he found all this She-Hulk merchandise and that Jen should sign it to make it worth a fortune. Jen tells him that those products are not affiliated with her.

Jen tries to explain to Ched the copyright situation she’s in over the name She-Hulk. Ched then mansplains to her how copyright works. Jen screams into a pillow in frustration.

After an opening title delivered by Titania, She-Hulk episode 5 cuts to a Titania event. Jen and Nikki (Ginger Gonzaga) attend the event, observing her product line and intending to confront Titania. Jen is angered at the products Titania is selling, one of them seeming like literal snake oil.

After finding Titania at a signing booth, Jen voices her frustrations with being sued over the She-Hulk name. Titania does not care. She brushes off Jen’s concerns and goes back to taking selfies with her fans.

Back at the legal office in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 5, Jen and Nikki discuss Jen’s She-Hulk persona. Jen does appreciate her powers and how much more empowered she feels. She also tries to hide how bitter she is about being called She-Hulk and how she is being sued over the very name.

Later, Nikki is confronted by Pug (Josh Segarra) with a proposition. Pug wants to buy new shoes but is limited to one per customer. Nikki agrees so long as Pug can help her find some clothes that will fit Jen’s Hulk form.

Outside the office, Nikki and Pug enter a coffee shop. Pug assures Nikki that this is a secret spot for finding superhero clothing. The employee tries to tell them it’s just a coffee shop but eventually lets them into his backroom.

The employee reveals that he sells knock-off Avengers merchandise under Avongers and Avingers. Pug asks if the employee knows of any real superhero clothing dealers. The employee agrees to tell if Pug and Nikki buy some of his bootleg merchandise.

Pug and Nikki, now dressed in bootleg Avengers clothing, approach the door of a superhero clothing developer. The man behind the door refuses to speak with them. Only once Nikki mentions that she’s working for an Avenger the dealer agrees to a meeting with them.

At the law firm, Jen meets with her boss, Holden Holliway. He talks about how the She-Hulk branding is problematic for their firm’s reputation. Jen says she’ll try to fix this, but Holden forces her to take on the case with the rival attorney Mallory Book.

Jen meets with Mallory, and they go over the case. Mallory suggests that they have a case but that Jen needs to appear more professionally in court. Nikki enters the room and assures Jen and Mallory that they’ll get a properly fitted outfit.

She-Hulk episode 5 continues with Jen and Mallory meeting with Titania in court, and Mallory makes her opening arguments about the copyright. Mallory additionally throws in that Titania’s business is a sham meant to sell products not approved by the FDA. After finishing her statement, Titania returns, saying her line has been famous.

Titania’s lawyer then makes his opening statement. He provides video evidence of how Jen never wanted the name She-Hulk to begin with. Mallory counters by showing off an interview where Jen says some random guy invented the She-Hulk name during a street interview and that she is She-Hulk.

The judge asks if there’s evidence that Jen has been using the name She-Hulk. Mallory assures the judge that they do have proof. The court recesses for a later date.

Jen and Nikki meet with Luke, the superhero’s fashion designer. Jen, appearing as She-Hulk, does not impress Luke. It’s only once Nikki brings up how Jen is related to Bruce Banner and bound for superstardom that Luke considers making Jen a suit.

Luke doesn’t like that he’s designing an outfit for a superhero that is a lawyer. He then witnesses how Jen can transform between her human and Hulk forms. Impressed with the challenge, Luke starts production on Jen’s new outfit.

Back at the law firm in She-Hulk episode 5, Jen and Nikki return to the office, where they’re approached by Todd, the superhero fetishist from the previous episode. Jen awkwardly smiles her way through their meeting. Todd soon leaves as Jen and Nikki discuss the awkwardness of dating a superhero geek.

It’s during the conversation that Jen realizes she created a dating profile under the name She-Hulk. Jen is excited to finally have concrete evidence that she has been using the superhero name. That being said, she’s embarrassed that this information is crucial to her case.

Mallory shows off Jen’s awkward dating profile and exchanges during the next court date. She also calls Jen’s many dates to the stand. Each date reveals too many details about their interactions with She-Hulk and how they decided not to go further with her.

During the questioning, Mallory asks the witnesses if they’d date Jen instead of She-Hulk. They say no. Eventually, the judge rules in favor of Jen, and Titania recalls her entire She-Hulk line of products.

Mallory and Jen leave the courtroom with a bittersweet victory. Jen says she might need therapy, but Mallory says Jen can do better than those men. The two then get a drink together.

While having drinks at a bar, Mallory admits she admires Jen’s bravery during the trial. Feeling happy to connect with someone like Mallory, Jen blurts out that they’re friends. Jen then remembers that she has new clothes she needs to get.

Jen returns to Luke’s studio to pick up her suits. Luke makes her try on the new ensemble, feeling confident that he has delivered the perfect outfit. While Jen changes, Luke packages another superhero outfit; a new helmet for Daredevil.

No mid-credit scene follows the credits for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 5.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’s first 5 episodes can be watched on Disney+.


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