Outer Banks Season 3 has arrived. The Netflix series, which is set in a community in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, follows conflict between two groups of teenagers in the community. With all the hype surrounded by it, it’s kind of cool to know that one of its stars almost played the bully-turned-hero, Steve Harrington, in Stranger Things. Outer Banks star Chase Stokes had the opportunity to play Steve, but one major reason held him back from playing the character. The role ended up going to now fan-favorite Joe Keery.

Steve Harrington, who was originally a character that fit the typical rich, cool kid in high school and a bit of a bully, has a change of heart and starts to help the younger characters against a deadly creature in season one’s finale. He would eventually take on a major role trying to keep the world safe against the supernatural forces in the Upside Down in the later seasons.

Steve was originally going to be killed off in the first season of Stranger Things. Now a core character in the popular Netflix series, Stokes certainly regrets not getting the role. The Outer Banks star would still have an opportunity to be part of the sci-fi thriller. Stranger Things creators, the Duffer Brothers, added Stokes for a smaller role — a character named Reed.

In a recent social media post by Access Hollywood, the Outer Banks actor explained he had the chance to play Joe Keery’s role.Here’s what Stokes said in the interview:

“So I actually read for Steve Harrington, and I forgot all the lines and absolutely f’d up the audition, and I drove eight hours from Atlanta back to Orlando regretting every moment of my life on that, and the Duffer brothers decided to write me back into the show. It was a lot of ‘I wish I would have said like at least two words’, but Joe Keery is an absolute legend, and so damn good as Steve Harrington, and I’m super proud of him.”

Stranger Things uses 80s nostalgia, awesome music, and great characters. The Emmy nominated science fiction series has become a cultural phenomenon, but it’s coming to an end with its fifth and final season. According to Noah Schnapp who plays Will Byers in the show, filming will begin in May 2023.

Outer Banks Season 3 premiered today on Netflix. See Chase Stokes, who plays John B in the teen mystery drama, below:



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