Disney+ will soon debut Marvel’s Moon Knight TV limited-series. Based on the Marvel Comics character, the Moon Knight series will follow a magical being of ancient Egyptian magic. The titular hero will bound onto streaming screens in his white attire and glowing eyes to fight evil-doers.

But who is the man behind the illuminated mask? Sure, Oscar Isaac is playing the lead but what is his character’s name? Well, he actually has a few and it’s going to take some explaining.

Marc Spector as Moon Knight

Before becoming Moon Knight, Marc Spector wasn’t much of a hero. In fact, he was a pretty despicable mercenary with a cruel personality. His life was turned upside down during a mission in Egypt that ends with him being killed.

His death is averted when his body falls before the Egyptian god of Khonshu. Khonshu appears before Marc and gives him another shot at life if he becomes a vessel for the gods. Basically, Marc is given powers to help turn his life around with more heroic acts than violence-for-hire gigs.

That being said, Marc’s mercenary work is still very much going on with his employment via Khonshu. Consider that he is required to kill various monsters during his adventures. He even commits some morally ambiguous acts that seem more like fulfilling Khonshu’s vendettas.

Okay, But Who Is Moon Knight?

The Moon Knight superhero, the version of Marc in white, is a rather simple figure. He fights with moon-themed weapons like a moon-shaped boomerang. He dons a cape and mask, looking like a photo-negative color scheme of Batman.

The powers and rather limited. Not to diminish Khonshu’s ability to revive the dead, he doesn’t give Marc a whole lot to work with. The comics sometimes showcase him with extra strength and speed but he’s mostly just Batman, beating up bad guys with strong fighting skills. He’s pretty brutal in compassion to Mr. Knight.

Wait, Who Is Mr. Knight?

If Moon Knight seems a little too grim-reaper-like in his hood and cape, there’s another version of him. Mr. Knight is a gentler version of the hero with an outfit more fit for a formal event. He still has the mask but swaps out the cloak for a white suit.

As a less chaotic personality, Mr. Knight is the more conversational version of the hero. He’s more prone to talk than bash people’s faces into a pulp. When Mr. Knight is in control, negotiations are more possible than fights.

And Then There’s Steven Grant

If Moon Knight seems a whole lot like Batman, Steven Grant is the personality that gives off the most Bruce Wayne vibes. He’s the rich person who manages to use his playboy connections to keep Moon Knight well-armed and well-dressed. This includes a lot of fascinating gadgets as well.

The Steven appearing in the Moon Knight series, however, will be a much different character. Without giving too much away, he’s not exactly rich or a playboy. But he’s still an integral part of Moon Knight in the body with a crowded mind.

Oh, Also There’s Jake Lockley

For a more working-class perspective, Moon Knight’s other personality is a cab driver. Jake Lockley is more of a regular guy for not really being a mercenary or playboy. He’s just a regular guy who nobody would suspect as a superhero with ancient Egyptian magic.

Nobody would suspect Jake and this keeps Moon Knight’s minds rather diverse. Of course, it does seem like there are a lot of personalities sharing one room. And it gets even more crowded!

There Are Superheroes in There!

Believe it or not, there are actually some other superheroes inside Moon Knight’s mind! There have been times in the comics when Moon Knight also harbors the personalities of Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine. How this works is bizarre!

Depending on which comic run you’re reading, Moon Knight either thinks he’s these heroes or the heroes themselves combined to form Moon Knight. It seems like too many personalities for one hero. But, hey, if you’re going to harbor a whole bunch of minds, it’s probably handy to have Peter, Cap, and Logan internally on call.

Will Moon Knight be drawing from the other Avengers for support? Hard to say but it doesn’t seem as likely. That being said, there could be some surprises with the show.

Moon Knight will be premiering on Disney+ starting March 30th with new episodes debuting every Wednesday.


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