The upcoming 2022 The Flash movie teases their first shot of Michael Keaton as Batman, who is to appear in the superhero film. Fans can’t help but freak at this reveal, as it takes them lovingly back to the original Batman film done by Tim Burton.

Keaton is set to appear in this upcoming Andy Muschietti film with Ezra Miller as the Flash and Sasha Calle as Supergirl. Even Ben Affleck’s Batman is rumored to make an appearance.

How Long Has It Been Since Michael Keaton Played Batman?

It has been over a decade since Michael Keaton played the role of Batman. Back in 1989, Tim Burton directed the classic Batman and Batman Returns. Then, Keaton played The Dark Knight beside the iconic Jack Nicolson as the Joker and later revisited the role in 1992.

The films were much beloved by fans. This reveal of Michael Keaton in the latest superhero installment has them reeling with satisfaction. Keaton’s initial role as Batman helped introduce and create a whole new generation for the classic character, where before it was only seen in the comics. In some ways, Michael Keaton’s Batman, as well as Burton’s influence on the film, shaped the groundwork for the modern media superhero.

How Does Keaton Take His New Reveal?

Michael Keaton feels nothing short of nostalgic bliss at his new reveal in the upcoming film. Excited to reprise the role, he admits to “feeling a little emotional”. In an interview with Collider, Keaton dives deeper, claiming it was “weirdly and ironically easy” to slip back into the black mask. Read Keaton’s complete statement below:

“[It was] weirdly and ironically easy. A little bit emotional. Just a rush of memories. Without giving anything away, which I can’t, basically the first shot, not of the entire movie but let’s say the introduction [of Batman], is so good that when we walked on and started talking about a couple of shots and the angles, I went ‘whoa, this is big. This is great.’ I don’t even mean for me. Just the imagery, it’s great. And reminiscent, to some degree, of Tim Burton.”

He teased that his first shot as Batman is nothing short of “great”. Muschietti’s shots and specific angles, to him, are reminiscent even of Burton’s style. In fact, it was revealed that Muschietti would also use the original Batmobile and Batcave from Michal Keaton’s first Batman movie.

What Can Fans Expect from The Flash?

Fans can expect The Flash to explore Ezra Miller as Barry Allen risking everything to save his mother from murder. He even travels back in time, leading to huge consequences for the remainder of the timeline. As explained in the DC comics, this causes the Flash (Barry Allen) to meet altering versions of otherwise familiar superheroes. After time-traveling, Barry Allen wakes up in a different timeline—one where his mother never died at all. In this new plot, Bruce Wayne was killed in the theater alley, causing his parents to don the superhero capes instead. His father will appear as Batman and his mother as the Joker.

It is unclear, however, how much of a role Michael Keaton will play as Batman in this Andy Muschietti film. Either way, Muschietti plans to focus on Keaton’s original storyline, ignoring the Batman Forever and Batman and Robin timelines. Fans hope that Keaton’s reveal will amount to more than a throwaway scene when The Flash film and Barry’s new costume premieres November 2022. Until then, fans can binge the earlier Batman movies and daydream of the Michael Keaton mythos to come.


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