We’re still a few days from the premiere of Marvel’s Moon Knight and Disney already seems to be happy with the upcoming limited-series from Marvel Studios. Moon Knight series writer Sabir Pirzada is officially developing a Nova project for the MCU and Disney. According to Deadline, Nova will most likely feature Richard Rider, the first human to wear the Nova mantle in Marvel Comics.

In the comics, Richard Rider acquired his superpowers when he received a cosmic helmet from a dying member of the Nova Corps — the force that keeps order across the galaxy. With his new powers, Richard adopts the name Nova and becomes Earth’s protector.

A second version of Nova, Sam Alexander, was in introduced in 2011. Another teenager who inherits the power of the Nova Corps, but the difference with Sam is, he becomes Nova after finding his father’s ancient Nova helmet. Sam becomes part of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Nova Corps have been featured in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1 and Volume 2. In both films, they are the elite force from the planet Xander, but they were never mentioned to have a superhero named “Nova” or possess helmets with superpowers.

Since the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, fans have been wondering if Richard Rider or Sam Alexander would be introduced in the MCU. Those speculations have diminished since it’s been revealed that Thanos destroyed Xander on his conquest to acquire the Power Stone.

There’s not a lot of information about the Nova MCU project, but it is cool to know that the character is getting ready to join the MCU. Perhaps, Nova will make a cameo in the upcoming The Marvels movie or maybe on the Disney+ series Secret Invasion.

Marvel’s Moon Knight writer Pirzada was part of the writers’ room for the upcoming limited-series starring Oscar Isaac who is a disturbed hero who deals with dissociative identity disorder who acquires superpowers from an Egyptian god.

Marvel’s Moon Knight premieres next Wednesday, March 30th on Disney+.


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