Lauren Ridloff Was Attracted To The Walking Dead Because of Its Diversity… and Daryl

We need more Connie and Daryl adventures in The Walking Dead.

Lauren Ridloff Liked The Walking Dead Because of Diversity and Daryl
Image Credit: AMC

Lauren Ridloff who recently starred in Marvel’s Eternals revealed that it was Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus who first peaked her interest for The Walking Dead. Ridloff, who has been playing the fan-favorite zombie apocalypse survivor Connie since TWD’s Season 9, also credits the hit AMC series’ representation of “the real world and the diversity” which is now entering into Part 2 of its eleventh and final season.

After joining another franchise giant and becoming the Marvel Cinematic Universe’ first deaf superhero named Makkari in Marvel’s Eternals, Lauren Ridloff spoke about sending her audition tape for a role in of her favorite shows — The Walking Dead.

“Really what I think I liked most about the series in the beginning was Norman, his character Daryl. I mean, come on,” Lauren Ridloff said in a recent interview with Who What Wear. “But as I watched, I really love how they represent the real world and the diversity. It’s there, and it’s a part of the story, but it’s not pushing. It’s not driving the story. It’s not the point. The point is about a group of people trying to survive and also trying to rediscover what it means to be human. I love that!”

The Walking Dead star added: “I think that’s why the series has been so successful and has impacted so many fans throughout the world because everyone has someone to connect with in this series. And because Daryl.”

Connie and Kelly came from The Walking Dead comic book. When the characters were brought to The Walking Dead TV show, the AMC zombie drama made them sisters who also were the first characters to represent the Deaf community on the show.

“I love the fact that they just didn’t stop with one deaf character. They brought in two. And I think it’s a really good opportunity to show the spectrum of the Deaf community,” Lauren Ridloff said. “We have Connie, who has been deaf since birth and never experienced the loss. But also, we have Kelly played by Angel Theory, and [Angel] in real life is experiencing hearing loss. I was with her as part of that journey in her life, and I think The Walking Dead ended up including that as part of her storyline, which is so powerful. I think The Walking Dead is brilliant.”

Lauren Ridloff recently headlined The Walking Dead Season 11 episode “On the Inside,” which sometimes was shown from her point of view without sound. It was Ridloff’s first episode back as Connie after missing Season 10 of The Walking Dead. It was showrunner Angela Kang’s way of accommodating Ridloff to be able to film her role in Marvel’s Eternals.

The Walking Dead returns with Part 2 of its final season on Sunday, February 20, on AMC. Marvel’s Eternals is now playing in theaters only.

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