HBO is marking The Last Of Us Day by releasing the first trailer for its highly anticipated adaption of Naughty Dog’s video game. The Last Of Us HBO series, which stars The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal, premieres sometime in 2023.

The Last Of Us trailer runs for just over a minute and a half. It includes familiar moments from the 2013 game which recently received a complete remake for the PS5. It even features the leaning building from an early level and a chaotic opening to a post-apocalyptic U.S. There’s even a glimpse of a Clicker. The HBO original series apparently will draw from the Left Behind expansion as well.

For those who aren’t familiar or haven’t played the Playstation game by Naughty Dog, The Last of Us tells a story about Joel (played by Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (played by Game of Thrones’ Bella Ramsay). The duo must travel across a post-apocalyptic version of the US that was affected by a fungal infection that turns victims into dangerous, zombie-like creatures. The trailer does a good job adapting the terrifying atmosphere of the video game.

Naughty Dog game designer Matthew Gallant worked on the first installment recently reacted to earlier footage of the HBO series. He told Entertainment Weekly: “They really, really care about the art direction. That two-second clip of the infected embedded in the wall. That looks like it’s right out of the game.”

“The way the characters’ outfits look. The way certain lines are delivered in that trailer. That’s often not true in video game adaptations. They often take really big creative license with the original franchise.

“This looks like it’s just gonna be so authentic to the original games. And as someone who loves the original games, I’m so excited to see that being explored in a different medium.”

There is no specific release date yet for The Last Of Us but is set to premiere sometime in 2023 on HBO Max.


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