Marvel NewsHawkeye Season Finale Recap: Coming Home For The Holidays

Hawkeye Season Finale Recap: Coming Home For The Holidays

Clint and Kate face their biggest challenges the Hawkeye season finale.

In the season finale of Hawkeye, the opening scene finds Eleanor meeting with William “Kingpin” Fisk at his warehouse. Eleanor has come to settle her debt. She brings up how she’s fulfilled all of Kingpin’s wishes, including the murder of Armand and Jack taking the fall for Sloan.

Hawkeye Season Finale Spoilers Below

Eleanor brings up how Kate coming back home has complicated things. She wants out of Kingpin’s organized crime. He refuses but Eleanor brings up how she has evidence to bring Kingpin down.


Kingpin urges her to reconsider but she coldly says she’s done with him. She leaves his office. Kingpin is twitching with anger as she leaves.

Their meeting is witnessed on the smartphone of Kate as she watches with Clint. We’re now back where episode 5 left off. Having heard the conversation, Kate is shaken, unable to accept her mother was working for Kingpin and killed Armand.


Kate tries to call her mother but gets no answer. Clint tells her to calm down and think. Kate, realizing this is her mess, tells Clint to go home and let her handle this issue.

Clint, however, is not going to cut and run. He says he’s going to stay in New York and finish this job with Kate. The two begin to prep for their big showdown with Kingpin’s forces.

Kingpin Meets With Maya


Meanwhile in the Hawkeye season finale, Kingpin is meeting with Maya and Kazi. As Kazi translates, Maya sign languages that she needs to stop chasing ghosts. She knows that she can’t bring her father back and killing Clint will bring her no satisfaction.

Kingpin is a bit shocked and tries to stress that Maya’s father would have loved the progress she has made as a criminal. Maya asks for some time off to clear her head. Kingpin agrees and says he loves her.

As Maya leaves, Kingpin converses with Kazi about Ronin. Kingpin is angered at how an Avenger is messing up his empire and that Eleanor just up and quits on him. Maya’s turnaround also weighs heavy on him.

Kingpin asks Kazi what he intends to do about it. A nervous Kazi is approached by a bitter Kingpin. He gets in close and tells Kazi that this city needs to be reminded of who runs it.

Clint and Kate are now on a subway. Kate tries to keep her mind focussed on the mission and not on her mom. Clint brings up how they’re going to need a ton of gear for the coming mission.

The two of them head to their place where they begin assembling a whole slew of arrows. Some of them contain chemicals while others electricity. One of them is using Stark technology.

Clint then asks if the Christmas party they intend to crash will be formal and Kate says yes. Clint gives Kate one last chance to back out now if she wants. She refuses, committed to seeing this through to the end, even it means making tough decisions.

Kate also brings up how Clint was her inspiration. She addresses the battle of New York where Clint fought the aliens alongside the Avengers. The fact that Clint had no superpowers made her realize that you don’t need superpowers or robot suits to save the day.

Kate Bishop and Clint Barton Attend A Christmas Party

As the Christmas party at Eleanor’s office commences during the Hawkeye season finale, Kazi takes his position in a nearby building. He intends to assassinate Clint and Eleanor from that spot. He also contacts the Tracksuit Mafia currently en route to the party.

Clint and Kate, now formally dressed, attend the party. They assess the scene and address threats and assets. Kate also brings up how their LARPing sidekicks are working as the waiters for this event.

Kate spots Jack attending the party with his sword, fresh out of jail. Clint seems perplexed. Kate mentions it might just be a flews to show off how innocent he was.

As Jack casually argues with Armand’s snotty family, Kazi prepares his sniper rifle. Clint advises Kate to split up to cover more ground. He gives her an earpiece to stay in contact.

Yelena has now arrived at the party with the intent to kill Clint. Eleanor has also arrived at the party. Kate, hoping to keep her mother safe, sticks close to her.

As Kate leads Eleanor away from the windows and into the kitchen, Kate stresses how she’s trying to save Eleanor’s life. She brings up how she found out about all of her mother’s dirty deals in crime. She shows the video of Eleanor with Kingpin as well.

Just then, Jack bursts into the room to greet them. He wants to speak with Eleanor. Before she does so, however, Eleanor tells Kate she has everything under control.

Clint looks out the window, hoping to spot any threats. Kazi takes aim. Clint, at just the right moment, notices the red laser of a sniper rifle on the waiter next to him.

He quickly advises her to get down. Kazi takes the shot and the glass splinters. Clint was able to deflect the bullet with a serving tray.

The party is now terrified. Clint tells one of the LARPers to get the party-goers to safety. Kazi keeps taking shots as Clint runs from the bullets.

In the kitchen, Kate receives word from Clint over the earpiece about the shots. Kate, realizing she needs to help, tells Eleanor and Jack to stay put. Eleanor, however, says Kate should stay in the kitchen as the party is too dangerous now.

Kate bites back by stating that it’s Eleanor’s fault the party went down like this. Kate tells her to stay put but Eleanor doesn’t listen. Jack, now alone in the kitchen, finds himself lost about what is going on. Realizing there’s danger, however, he draws his sword and prepares for battle.

Clint tells Kate and the LARPers that he’s going to head downstairs to draw the fire away. One of the LARPers advises killing the lights to throw off Kazi’s sights. They do so and Kazi finds himself struggling to find his targets.

During the evacuation, Kate notices Yelena and catches up with her. Yelena is currently waiting for an elevator, intending to follow Clint to his floor. Yelena also calmly and cheerfully states she’s only here for the murder of Clint and nothing more.

Yelena advises Kate to stay out of her way but she doesn’t listen. Kate follows her into the elevator and they have an awkward close-quarters fight as the elevator descends. Their fight has slaps and off-beat dialogue.

At one point, Yelena rips off Kate’s formal attire, revealing her purple superhero outfit. With Yelena distracted, Kate pushes all the buttons on the elevator to slow her ascend. A frustrated Yelena gets off on the current floor.

Kazi radios the Tracksuit Mafia to prepare for the fleeing party-goers. The mafia goons intend to surround the exits to make sure they find Eleanor. The LARPers, tasked with finding Eleanor, can’t seem to find her at the party.

On the 12th floor, Clint readies his bow and arrows. On another floor, Kate and Yelena continue their chase and fight. They duke it out across various offices with punches and kicks.

Clint locates where Kazi is shooting from. He fires an arrow towards his position. Kazi dodges the arrow but it lodges in the wall behind him and unleashes a gas that will disable him.

After some more banter between Kate and Yelena, Yelena breaks a window and prepares for a fast descent with a grappling hook. Kate radios Clint to watch out for Yelena scaling down the building. He ducks in just as Yelena attempts to shoot him.

As Yelena finishes scaling down the building, Kate prepares to descend as well to chase after Yelena. She’s terrified and nearly falls to her death. She narrowly lands without injury.

As she lands, she advises Clint the Tracksuit Mafia is here. The mafia men immediately engage in combat with her. One of them speaks of how things worked out with their girlfriend based on advice he received from Kate in a previous episode.

One of the Tracksuit Mafia nearly shoots Kate. Jack, however, comes to the rescue with a sword in hand. Kate takes this time during the action to apologize for what Jack went through and he accepts easily. He brings up how finding Eleanor is their top priority at the moment.

As the Tracksuit Mafia enters the building, Clint prepares for them by setting traps. Before he can detonate those traps, he is ambushed by Kazi. The two engage in a fight.

As the Mafia members enter, Clint narrowly fights off Kazi and detonates his traps. The roof caves in, knocking out the mafia. The battle then continues between Clint and Kazi until Clint finally knocks him out as well.

Clint finds himself running from more members of the entering Tracksuit Mafia. He dashes out the window and latches onto the grappling hook left by Yelena. He runs out too fast, however, and ends up stuck in the giant Christmas tree outside.

Kate continues fighting off the mafia in the street and asks where Clint is now. He informs her that he’s in the tree and needs to find a way out of such a large decoration. Kate then informs the LARPers to do a better job getting the civilians to safety and away from the mafia while she forms a plan.

Meanwhile, Maya is packing her stuff to set off on her own. She comes across a picture of her father. She realizes that her true fight isn’t over yet.

Back on the streets of New York in the Hawkeye season finale, Kate fights back against the Tracksuit Mafia by firing arrows from a toy store. At the same time, the LARPing crew have donned their costumes to seem more legit as superheroes. They also take down some of the mafia during their rescue operation.

Kate informs Clint she has a plan to get him down from the tree. She uses her arrows to cut the restraints holding up the large Christmas tree. After having cut all the wires, the tree crashes into the nearby ice-skating rink.

Clint now finds himself in the middle of an ice rink with armed Tracksuit Mafia members surrounding him. Kate comes to his aid. The two of them use all of their special arrows to cleverly take down the mafia. It is during this fight where Clint also reveals his slightly purple outfit, making Kate excited.

The last arrow they use is to stop one of the mafia trucks heading straight for them. Kate fires an arrow containing the Pym Particle. It shrinks the car and the drivers into the size of a small toy.

Kate then asks Clint what they should do with the shrunken mafia members now. Clint says he’s unsure and that he should probably contact Scott “Ant-Man” Lang about this. But then an owl swoops down to pick up the shrunken truck and Clint says that solves that.

As Kate and Clint get off the rink, Kate is informed by the LARPers that they’ve seen Eleanor exit the building. Kate says she’s got to find her and leaves. The moment she leaves, Clint finds himself facing down a violent Kazi with two goons.

Clint easily takes down two of the goons with his arrows but fails to hit Kazi. At the same time, Yelena comes up from behind and knocks Clint back onto the ice rink. Maya also arrives and engages in a fight with Kazi.

Yelena Fights Clint

Yelena has Clint down and is ready to kill him. Before she does so, she asks what happened to her sister Natasha. Clint says she wouldn’t believe him if he told her the full story so settles for saying she sacrificed herself and saved the world.

Yelena thinks he is lying. As she kicks him, Maya knocks down Kazi. She then asks why he’s doing this. He admits that he was jealous of the criminal status he felt was owed to him.

Eleanor tries to make her escape but Kingpin corners her. Kate arrives on the scene with her arrow trained at Kingpin. She fires some arrows at him but they do little for the towering, tough villain.

Kingpin then takes off his coat and prepares to fight Kate. That fight is cut short when Kingpin is hit by a car and launched into a store window. The driver was Eleanor, currently knocked out from the impact.

Maya tries to plead with Kazi that it’s not too late to give up this life of crime and revenge. Kazi says it can never happen with someone like Kingpin in control. The fight continues until Maya sadly kills Kazi.

Kingpin recovers and discovers Eleanor drove the car that hit him. He heads towards her but Kate keeps fighting him. Clint and Yelena also continue their fight on the ice.

Clint stresses once more that Natasha chose to die. Yelena, angered, still thinks he is lying. No matter how hard Clint tries to break the news, she won’t listen.

Yelena asks why Clint deserved to die over Natasha. He admits he didn’t and that he tried to sacrifice himself first. Yelena, still angered, says he should’ve tried harder and proceeds to beat him with a blunt weapon.

Kingpin breaks all of Kate’s arrows as he tries to make his way towards Eleanor. Having all the arrowheads in one place, however, makes for the perfect trap. Kate detonates them all and the explosion sends Kingpin flying, knocking him out.

Kate rushes to get Eleanor out of the car and they embrace. Kate then bitterly asks why Eleanor did such evil acts. Eleanor admits she was only doing them to protect her daughter from having a life of nothing. She is then arrested by the police.

Eleanor asks if superheroes arrest their mothers on Christmas in a manner both semi-joking and tearfully tragic. Kate says she’s sorry and that she still loves her. Eleanor is then hauled off the officer.

Yelena Forgives Clint

With Clint beaten, Yelena prepares to shoot him with her gun. Before she pulls the trigger, Clint whistles a familiar tune. Yelena asks how he knows that song and Clint admits Natasha taught him the secret whistle.

He also talks about how Natasha spoke often about her sister. A tearful Yelena wants to hear more. Clint tells her about their talks and how Natasha truly loved her sister, desiring to keep her safe.

Yelena, in tears, finds herself bitter about not being there when Natasha needed her. Clint says it wouldn’t matter; “You know Natasha. She made her choice. We’re going to have to find a way to live with that.”

A crying Yelena says she loved Natasha. A broken Clint admits he loved her as well. Yelena holsters her weapon and helps Clint off the ground. He apologizes one more time before she leaves the scene.

Kingpin is now staggering around the streets of New York, trying to avoid the cops. Maya corners him and draws her gun. Kingpin pleads for her understanding but she won’t hear it. The shot cuts away as gunshots are heard, implying Maya has murdered Kingpin.

Emergency services arrive at the scene of the crime. The LARPers try to convince Jack to join their group as they’re impressed with his sword skills. Kate and Clint also talk about how important their meeting was to improve Clint’s life.

Clint congratulates Kate on being able to take on Kingpin all by herself. She thanks him for the kind words. Clint jokingly ends the conversation by saying they should probably walk that dog they took in.

Out in the country, Clint arrives at his family home on Christmas Day with presents for the family. Kate and her dog are joining them as well. His family is excited to finally have him home.

The family opens presents. Clint takes this time to show his wife her watch that he found at the black market auction. She thanks him and looks at the back of the watch, revealing that she was an agent of SHIELD.

Clint leads Kate outside to burn the Ronin outfit. He gives her the honor of lighting a flame on the BBQ as the suit burns. They watch as Ronin’s legacy comes to a close.

Kate then asks if a good superhero name for herself would be Lady Hawk. Clint says no. She lists several names involving the words Lady, Hawk, and Arrow but Clint shoots them all down. He then says he has one idea. The show then cuts to the title “HAWKEYE.”

The post-credit scene in the Hawkeye season finale wishes the viewers a Happy Holidays. It then cuts to the full-length, uninterrupted broadway musical sequence seen in the first episode of the series. So if you really wanted to see the full Rogers musical, this is your chance.

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