Marvel NewsHawkeye Episode 3 Recap: Clint and Kate Hear An Echo

Hawkeye Episode 3 Recap: Clint and Kate Hear An Echo

Hawkeye episode 3 SPOILERS below.

Hawkeye episode 3 begins in the past. A young girl, Maya Lopez, is in a classroom of kids with the audio dropping out. We learn that she is deaf and struggles to read lips.

The teacher tells her to pay attention. When she observes Maya’s work, however, she’s impressed with her speed and skill in writing. The teacher gives her a smile.


At her home, Maya plays shadow puppets with her father. She asks him through sign language about dragons and what they’re like. He tells her about the fantasy of dragons as well as how they might learn.

Maya brings up the topic of deaf school and how her dad can’t pay for it. He states that he’s sorry but that the situation will be better for her. He also stresses that she’ll have to learn how to jump between two worlds with her sign language.


We next see Maya in a karate class, observing a practice fight. Her father reminds her during class that strength is more than just size. He leaves her, stating he’ll pick her up later.

Maya enters a match during her lesson. She easily throws her opponent to the floor. The class is impressed.

Hawkeye episode 3 reveals Maya’s Backstory


Hawkeye episode 3 fast-forwards to her adult life and shows Maya (Alaqua Cox) has become a boxer. She engages in a ring match where she easily defeats her opponent. We also see here that she has a prosthetic leg.

Maya drives her motorcycle to a warehouse and parks it. She hides when she witnesses a fight occurring through one of the windows. She sneaks inside and notices Ronin killing people, establishing that these events happening at the moment in Hawkeye episode 3 are taking place during Avengers: Endgame.

Maya enters the warehouse. She finds her father severely injured and he tells her to go. A tearful Maya says her final goodbyes to her father.

Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, and the Tracksuit Mafia

Back in the present in Hawkeye episode 3, Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) are still being held by the Tracksuit Mafia in a warehouse. The two of them are attached to mechanical riding ponies that the gangsters delight in watching their captives ride when strapped to them. They grow tired of it and decide to play cards.

As they’re distracted, Clint and Kate whisper to each other. Clint states that he only let himself be captured by the mafia to clear Kate’s name. Kate awkwardly apologizes for screwing up such plans.

An argument breaks out among the mafia. One gangster tells Kate that he has an altercation with his girlfriend over an Imagine Dragons concert. Kate, trying to be a mediator, offers to help him with his situation to build trust.

Kate’s constant talking irritates some of the mafia members. When one gangster threatens to cut out her throat, Maya enters the room. Kate asks Clint who she is but Clint does not answer.

Maya Interrogates Clint and Kate

Maya cuts off Clint’s arm restraints. Clint says thank you with sign language. Maya asks if he’s deaf and he specifies that he’s only hard of hearing.

Maya, through an interpreter given Clint’s limited sign language vocab, then asks what Clint is doing in such a place. A bitter Maya says that Clint relies too much on his hearing aid. Clint admits he could probably do without it but redirects the conversation back to Kate.

Clint makes a case that Kate doesn’t know what she’s doing and isn’t worth it. Maya, however, stresses that Ronin is still a threat even if it’s not Kate. Clint, however, stresses that Ronin is dead.

When Maya asks who killed Ronin, Clint says it was Black Widow. Maya finds this too convenient seeing as how both Ronin and Black Widow are dead. She asks how Clint knows this and he states that he was there when such deaths occurred.

Maya doesn’t buy it. She can sense he is lying and, thinking Kate may indeed be Ronin, threatens her. Kate struggles to tell the truth that she didn’t realize what she was doing when she put on the suit.

After Maya is held back by one of her men, Clint whispers that Kate needs to follow his lead. Clint breaks his leg restraints and makes a run for it. The gangsters chase after him while Kate struggles to get off her own restrains.

The Action Begins in Hawkeye Episode 3

Hawkeye episode 3 continues with the tracksuit mafia searching for Clint amid the aisles of a toy store. A chase and fight break out. Clint dashes over shelves and knocks them over as he tries to make an escape.

He is cornered by Maya and they engage in a fight of kicks and punches, highlighting Maya’s skill at kickboxing. Clint tries to fight back with a hockey stick but fails. He hearing aid is then knocked out of his ear and Maya crushes it with her foot.

The chase continues in Hawkeye episode 3 with Clint finally acquiring his bow and arrow. He manages to pin Maya to a wall with a couple arrows. He also provides some cover for Kate to better fight her way out of the situation.

Clint then goes on the offensive of taking out the other gangsters. He takes out two by hiding in a ball pit. He also fires another arrow at a gangster in the distance.

Kate also battles with a shopping cart against the gangsters. While she fights, Clint shows off his skills of easily firing arrows at his opponents. Eventually, they clear the room of threats.

Maya and the Tracksuit Mafia Chase Down Clint and Kate

The chase continues in Hawkeye episode 3. Clint and Kate escape the warehouse and he says they need an escape vehicle. Kate recommends they steal a beautiful ’72 Challenger. Clint, however, steals a lesser car, arguing that he’d never smash up a ’72 Challenger.

As Clint hotwires the car, he tells Kate to drive since he can’t hear without his hearing aid. That won’t happen, however, as the gangsters are close behind. Clint wraps up hotwiring the car and they drive off as gunshots break the windows.

The gangsters pursue in one car and a truck. One of them is a truck that has gunmen fire at them. Clint makes some risky turns to avoid them.

In Hawkeye episode 3, Kate prepares to ready her bow to go on the offensive. Clint, however, informs her that he’s out of regular arrows. All that is left are the trick arrows.

Kate Bishop Shows Her Bow and Arrow Skills in Hawkeye Episode 3

While still driving, Clint goes over which trick arrows not to use, pulling out the dangerous ones. Kate, being cocky, says she can handle them. She takes aim at one of the cars and fires.

The arrow hits the windshield and releases a purple goo that consumes glass. Clint instructs her to hit their tires with the putty arrow. Kate berates Clint for not labeling his arrows better.

Clint then recommends that they turn the car around so that Kate can better face their pursuing enemies. He swings the car around in reverse and Kate takes aim. She fires at the grill of the pursuing mafia truck.

The arrow hits the grill and explodes, sending the truck flying. Kate is shocked as the truck topples over in flames. She shouts to Clint “there are four arrows more dangerous than THAT one?”

Two more cars from the mafia are still in pursuit. The Challenger is being driven by Maya. Kate takes aim again with the bow and fires another arrow.

The arrow that hits the windshield, however, seems to only have suction. Kate then shouts back at Clint, asking why he has a plunger arrow. Clint then takes a detour through a Christmas tree lot.

The car that Kate had previously shot with the purple goo is still after them. Kate fires another arrow at this car, hoping this arrow will be better. The arrow she hits the grill with sends out wires that attach every tree in the lot to the car.

Exiting the tree lot, Clint hands Kate some of his acid arrows to fire at the stoplights at intersections. The Challenger is now in hot pursuit. The chase leads to a bridge where the cars are side by side.

Clint, still driving, fights one of the gangsters on his side in the car trying to stop him. The gangster fires a gunshot that pierces the windshield of the car Clint is driving. Kate jumps into the backseat to help out with fighting back against the Challenger.

Kate then fires a gas arrow into the attacking Challenger car. The car, filled with smoke, smashes into the side of the bridge. Clint mutters “and the Challenger gets totaled anyway.”

Clint then makes a hard turn to stop on the bridge. More mafia cars are headed their way. Clint gets out his bow and prepares Kate to take them out with archery skills.

Hawkeye Borrows Tech from Hank Pym

Kate is reluctant but Clint places trust in her abilities. He advises her to shoot upward. She does so and Clint fires another arrow towards the one she just shot. The two combine to form one giant arrow that smashes down on one of the cars, cutting it in half.

Clint decides to run towards the rest of the pursuing mafia and hands Kate a USB arrow to cover him. He hides behind the damaged Challenger as he grabs his arrows with the mafia firing at him. Kate distracts them by saying that the gangsters don’t want to mess with her next arrow.

Kate fires the arrow and it does nothing but mildly push back one of the gangsters. Clint, having gotten what he needs, makes a dash away from the car and back towards Kate. The two of them both jump off the bridge.

As they jump, Clint engages a grappling hook arrow. He fires it at the side of the bridge so that he and Kate can swing onto a subway train below. As they escape, Maya rallies her gangsters to disperse.

Clint and Kate take a moment to catch their breath on the train. While Kate talks about walking her dog, Clint says she’s a good archer. Since Clint can’t exactly hear without his hearing aid, he also mentions they should walk the dog, not realizing Kate already said this.

Back at the apartment of Kate’s aunt, Clint gets washed up and mends his wounds. He can’t hear much but recognizes his vibrating phone. The caller is his wife.

Clint answers, trying to tell his wife that he can’t quite hear her and that he’d rather text. Kate, however, rushes over and writes on a notepad the words “little boy.” Clint realizes he’s talking to his youngest son, Nathan.

He asks where Nathan’s mom is at the moment. Kate interprets by writing down what he’s saying. Nathan says that mom is asleep and that he’s bored.

Clint laughs and says he misses Nathan. He recommends that Nathan get something to eat and read a book. Nathan says he doesn’t want to and really wishes his dad would come home, mentioning the Christmas movie marathon he promised.

Clint regretfully says he can’t come home that night. A saddened Clint tries to keep up his spirit and says he’ll be home tomorrow. There’s no response and Clint asks if that’s okay.

Nathan then responds that it’s okay if his dad won’t be home for Christmas. Clint starts tearing up as he tries to reassure his son that he’ll be home soon. He says he loves Nathan before hanging up as Kate watches with just as much sadness.

Back at the warehouse, Maya observes the relocation of her gang. As they move out, Maya speaks with her interpreting gangster. He stresses that pursuing Ronin is dangerous and will piss off “Uncle.”

The topic of Maya’s father comes up and the gangster mentions that Maya’s dad put his crew first. Maya, however, states that she’s in charge and she calls the shots. Before leaving, she tells her interpreter to look up some info on Clint Barton.

On the streets of New York, Clint and Kate are out walking the dog and waiting for someone. Clint gets a text on his phone from Kate. It reads “Good thing they call you HawkEYE and not HawkEAR.”

Clint gives a mocking laugh and says “Blocked. Delete.” Finally, the doctor they’ve been waiting for arrives at the building they’ve waited in front of. The doctor is someone who can fix hearing aids and agrees to the repairs for cash only.

After getting the hearing aid repaired, the two of them get something to eat at a diner. Clint also goes right back to tuning out his aid when Kate talks too much. Turning his hearing aid back on, Kate starts talking about why she put on the suit.

Clint can relate, stating how being a vigilante just felt right. But he also stresses that this type of lifestyle comes with great sacrifice. Kate, however, prefers to look on the brighter side of trick arrows and cool costumes.

The conversation then shifts back to Kate’s talk of Clint’s Hawkeye branding issue. She states he needs a more recognizable costume. Clint, however, stresses that not being recognizable was the point of his heroism.

Kate quickly draws up a sketchy design of Hawkeye’s new costume. It looks similar to the classic costume he wore in the comics and she says it’ll come in purple. Clint doesn’t like the idea, especially the wings on the mask.

Kate tries to find out why Clint won’t talk more about the story behind Ronin. Clint then gives three reasons why he doesn’t wear a costume. Reason one is that he prefers to be a ghost and reason two is that his wife would probably divorce him if he wore something so silly.

Reason three, however, is that he stresses he’s not a role model to anyone. Kate argues against this with Clint’s sacrifice of his family’s Christmas for the sake of Kate. She states their mission is important while also bringing up that her mother might be marrying a murderer.

Walking around New York with their dog, still without a name, Clint and Kate discuss the Tracksuit Mafia. When Kate asks what bad stuff the mafia was up to, Clint is reluctant to talk. He does, however, mention that there’s someone dangerous above Maya in this operation.

The two get a taxi and the conversation turns to Jack. Kate believes that Jack may have some connections with the mafia. She goes over all the evidence that points to Jack being the murderer of Armand.

Clint, however, isn’t fully convinced. Trying to prove this, Kate recommends they break into her mother’s penthouse. She believes there’s valuable info in her mom’s company files about criminals that could connect Jack to the Tracksuit Mafia.

Clint and Kate enter into the penthouse and Kate speak of her family’s rich legacy. She wastes no time breaking into her mother’s laptop. As she looks through the files, Clint asks for a bit more info on Jack.

Clint then recommends she search for Kazi, the gangster who was interpreting for Maya. The database finds that Kazi is working for a business called Sloan Limited. The name sounds familiar but Clint can’t quite remember where’s he heard that company name before.

As Kate is locked out of the system, Clint investigates the house. He is cornered by a sword thrust towards his throat and told not to move. The person holding the sword is Jack.

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