Marvel NewsHawkeye Episode 2 Recap - Clint and Kate Team-Up

Hawkeye Episode 2 Recap – Clint and Kate Team-Up

The beginning of a partnership between Hawkeye and Kate Bishop.

Hawkeye episode 2 begins with Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) meeting Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) after a fight. After unmasking her, Clint questions her about how she found his Ronin suit. Before she can answer, they depart as cops are soon to arrive.

Hawkeye episode 2 Spoilers Below

On the way to Kate’s apartment, Clint finds himself eyeballing the streets for other threats. Kate starts gushing about being one of the best archers. Clint says that’s nice as they arrive at her apartment.


The two enter Kate’s apartment where the dog she met earlier is still there. Kate then admits to Clint that she’s 22 and inherited this apartment. He then demands she remove the suit and hand it over to him.

While Kate is still gushing in Hawkeye episode 2 about meeting Hawkeye while she changes, she fills Clint in on the auction that led to the suit. Kate briefly goes over her vigilante work for the brief time wearing the outfit. Kate also tries to avoid the question of being in school.


Having returned the suit, Kate begs for Clint to autograph her bow. Clint, however, is more concerned about Kate, asking if she’s okay. He then informs her that they were attacked by the tracksuit mafia, a group name that Kate comments on being “a little on the nose.”

Kate then jumps to the speculation that they perhaps murdered her mother’s fiance’s uncle. Clint is unsure. What’s more important to him at that moment is if anybody saw Kate’s face while in the Ronin outfit.


Kate states that she wasn’t seen. Clint says that’s good as Ronin has made a lot of enemies that will come after him. He also asks if she’s told anybody else about her acquisition of the suit and she says no.

The Tracksuit Mafia Finds Clint and Kate

While Clint continues to question Kate, somebody from outside the apartment calls for Kate. The mafia has found her. They attack her place by launching Molotov cocktails into her place, setting the apartment on fire.

Clint, thinking quickly, breaks a window. He grabs one of the cocktails launched into the apartment and tosses it back at the mafia. Kate aids him by firing arrows at the mafia and their cocktails.

Kate tries to set off the fire extinguisher with her arrow to save the Ronin suit and fails. The sprinkler system is triggered. Clint instructs her to grab the dog and run out the fire escape, stating they’ll get the suit later.

Clint leads Kate to the subway station, trying to get some distance from those who want Kate dead. Clint also mentions that they need to stock up on supplies. Kate thinks he means Avengers gear but they’re really just getting convenience store items.

Kate asks where they’re going now. She’s excited at the prospect of staying at the Avengers tower. Hawkeye, however, tells her that place was sold by Tony Stark years ago.

While Clint buys the items they need, he says he needs to find a place to hide Kate. Kate then suggests a place she knows a few blocks away. They take off for an apartment complex.

When they get to the apartment inside the building, Kate admits it’s her aunt’s place that is away for the season. Clint immediately starts giving her instructions on how to clean her wounds. He then states he’s going back for the suit and returning to his family.

Clint goes undercover to find his suit. He enters the crime scene as a disguised firefighter to get inside the wreckage of Kate’s apartment. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of the Ronin suit.

While getting out of the firefighter suit, he notices a sticker on the window of one of the firefighters. It says NYC Larpers. Clint starts to form a theory about who might have his suit.

Clint returns to Kate who has just gotten off the phone with her mother. While the two of them dress their wounds, they talk about the dog and how Kate dressed her wound improperly. Clint then shows her how to heal her cut just right with his experience of being cut and bruised.

Kate asks if Clint got the suit and he says no. She believes that Clint may have a lead. Clint then observes Kate’s attempt to draw the faces of the mafia who attacked her but she’s terrible at drawing faces.

Kate, trying to make up for her actions, states that she’d like to buy Clint a hotel. The only problem is that her mom canceled all her credit cards. Clint says that isn’t necessary and Kate thanks him for his help.

As Kate goes off to bed, Clint researches NYC Larpers. He finds their Facebook group and notices the latest video by one of the members. He is wearing the Ronin suit.

The next day, Clint is busy getting his children out of the hotel and into a taxi for the airport. The kids ask if this has anything to do with the ninja incident last night and he says no. He gives his kids a fond farewell but his daughter can see the cut on his head.

Before leaving, his daughter says she’s disappointed that Clint won’t be home for Christmas. Clint says that won’t be the case and promises to be home for Christmas. He watches as the kids head off to the airport.

Clint returns to Kate’s safe apartment and they watch the news report on the death of Armand. The report states that Ronin was behind such a murder. Kate is shocked but Clint less so.

Though Kate is eager to help Clint, he denies her help. He says it isn’t safe for her on the streets now that the mafia knows who she is. Kate, however, states that her mother will find some way to find her and that it’s best to go to her mother’s office.

Kate manages to convince Clint to go with her. They hit the streets while trying to keep a low profile. It is during this time that Clint mentions he has a hearing aid.

When Kate asks why Clint needs a hearing aid, we get a montage to learn why. After being battered and bruised in previous Avengers adventures, it seems obvious. Clint merely states that it’s too hard to tell.

Clint hears a kid says theres a superhero present and that he wants an autograph. Clint thinks the kid is talking about him but it’s just some street actors posing as superheroes. Kate points out that one of them is Hawkeye but Clint corrects her as that’s Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games.

Kate mentions that Clint’s problem is branding. Clint retorts that his real problem is Kate and that he needs to solve this problem today to be home with his family. Kate still thinks it’s branding for his low-key nature.

Kate brings up how people want less cynical heroes. That doesn’t seem to be Clint’s forte. Kate recommends that he needs to wear more of his heart on his sleeve to sell a better image.

When Clint mentions he’s not trying to sell anything, Kate says he is. She stresses that he sells hope. Clint, hoping to end this conversation, approaches the point where he is dropping off Kate.

Before leaving Kate at her mother’s office building, Clint leaves his phone number. He then states this is goodbye and to have a Merry Christmas. She jokingly says she’ll call him later, even though he stressed it was for emergencies over.

As Kate enters her mother’s office, she is slightly surprised to find Jack there. She gives her condolences to him for the recent loss of Armand. Before Kate can ask about the inheritance, Kate’s mom questions her attire.

Kate’s mother tries to question more but Jack tries to ease the tension. He can see that Kate feels threatened by him and he wants to sympathize. He also admits that he read a book about being a step-dad.

Kate’s mom mentions that Jack is cooking dinner tonight and that she should stop by. Kate agrees under one condition: She gets to pick the conversation. Jack’s smile signals an agreement.

Meanwhile, Clint tracks down the NYC Larpers to a spot in a park. He quickly finds the man who stole the Ronin suit, wearing it out in the open. Before approaching this man, however, Clint is cornered by one of the LARPers.

Clint mentions he wants to talk to the ninja-looking guy. He is told by a woman that he can’t speak with them until the LARPing event finishes. That time will be midnight and Clint says that won’t work.

The organizer states that he can’t go into the event unless he’s a LARPer. With no other options, Clint asks what the rules are. He then signs up for the event, trying to weave around the registration process and not reveal his name.

After getting his instructions, Clint also receives armor. Reluctantly, Clint puts it on and enters the event with a prop sword in hand. He then proceeds to comically fight his way through the onslaught of LARPers.

A slow-motion sequence features Clint decimating the competition easily, given his combat history as an Avengers. He finally makes his way to the man with the Ronin suit. The man with the suit is then astonished to discover that Hawkeye has approached him.

Clint demands the suit back but the man gives him a proposition. If Clint is allowed to be killed in the event by the Ronin poser, he can have the suit back. Clint denies his request at first but reluctantly agrees, stating under his breath “and I fought Thanos.”

Meanwhile, Kate is contacted on her phone by the New York Police Department. She is asked to come down to the station for a quick chat. The conversation is regarding the fire in her place, making Kate a little more at ease for the call not being about her being Ronin.

Though she struggles to hide her secret, Kate agrees to meet with the detective. They set a date as a Kate finds herself making eye contact from a distance with Jack. There may be a conflict of schedule in her future.

Back at the LARP event, Clint commits to being killed by the fake Ronin during an observed match. The LARPer states that Clint has to make it look real and actually put up a fight. Irritated, but determined, Clint goes along with being slaughtered by a fake sword.

Later, the man gives Clint back the Ronin outfit happily. The LARPer says this was the best day of his life while Clint admits less so. The man then states his name is Grills before Clint takes off.

Clint then visits a locker storage area to stash the suit. While he does so, he calls up his wife and says he may be in New York a bit longer. He brings up the Tracksuit Mafia and how he promised he’d be home for Christmas in five days.

His wife then asks what his strategy is. Clint specifies it’s going to be a “catch and release” method. His wife mentions that was one of Natasha’s old moves.

After stashing the suit, Clint asks that his wife send him pictures of the gingerbread house they’re making. He then states that the next part of his plan is to get off. He leaves the locker area to continue his mission.

Kate Bishop Is Skeptical About Her Mom’s Fiancé

At Kate’s mom’s place, dinner is being had between Kate, Jack, and Kate’s mother. Jack starts talking about his cooking and the secret to a good risotto. Kate finds herself skeptical of Jack’s intentions in Hawkeye episode 2.

Kate asks if Jack is into swords. Jack is initially impressed by her knowledge of different swords. The conversation heats up a bit when Kate mentions if Jack is skilled at “stabbing people in the back.”

Kate then begs Jack for a fencing match in Hawkeye episode 2, considering their interest. While Jack is enticed to go along with the match, Kate’s mother is skeptical and cautious. Kate and Jack then get into their fencing gear and prepare to battle in the foyer.

Kate lands the first blow and Jack compliments her. Kate lands another blow, frustrating her that Jack is letting her win. Kate goes on the offensive even more aggressively and lands another blow.

Angered that Jack isn’t showing his more forceful self, Kate takes a vicious stab. Jack knocks the sword out of her hands. While Kate’s mother angrily shouts at her daughter, Kate stresses that Jack is lying.

Jack then admits he was downplaying his skill. Sensing the tension in the room, Jack goes to change out of his fencing outfit. Kate’s mother finds herself embarrassed.

Kate tries to convince her mom that Jack killed Armand, she doesn’t buy it. Kate’s mother wants her to stop investigating and let the cops handle the murder. The more Kate tries to stress her case, however, she brings up the street gangs that shock her mother.

Jack joins the conversation and Kate finds herself outnumbered in her concerns. Kate’s mother then goes over Kate’s future that will involve working at their company. It’s a dream that Kate does not share.

Kate’s mom wants to put this all behind them and orders her to apologize to Jack. Kate, reluctantly, says she is sorry “for forcing him to tell the truth.” When Kate’s mother leaves the room for a moment, Jack offers her candy.

The candy is the same she found at the crime scene. Creeped out, Kate leaves quickly. Kate’s mother is confused while Jack merely smiles while eating the candy.

Hawkeye episode 2 continues with Clint standing on the streets and is approached by the Tracksuit Mafia. He lets himself be attacked and taken into the van by the mafia. Before they put him in the car, one of the gangsters states “she wants him alive.”

Kate tries to call Clint while getting into a taxi. She gets no response and leaves a voicemail. She then calls again and Clint doesn’t answer.

A mysterious voice says “I’m sorry, Clint Barton can’t take your call right now.” When the call ends, Kate uses her security software to track Clint’s phone. She then specifies the directions to the taxi driver.

Hawkeye and Kate Bishop Are Captured by the Tracksuit Mafia

Hawkeye episode 2 now takes place at a warehouse. Clint is awakened by the gangsters. He is tied up to a chair and tries to make dead-pan jokes about the gangsters. Clint tries to clear the air by stating he’s not the guy they’re looking for.

They’re looking for Hawkeye specifically. They also specify that they know Kate Bishop was the one in the costume. Confused by this operation, Clint demands to speak to their boss.

Clint angers the gangsters by untying his ropes and stating he doesn’t know who Kate Bishop is. The gangsters demand answers but Clint gives them none. Just then, Kate falls in from the ceiling.

She finds herself outnumbered with her bow and arrow against a room full of guns. Clint and Kate are then captured and tied up to carousel animals. Music can be heard playing in the distance and one of the gangsters states “You’re in trouble now, bro.”

Hawkeye episode 2 ends in a room with red lighting, a woman caresses a speaker. One of the gangsters enters and informs the woman that both Clint and Kate are captured. That woman is Maya Lopez, better known as Echo.

All current episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming in Disney+.

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