TVFear The Walking Dead Season 6 Improves Upon Earlier Seasons

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Improves Upon Earlier Seasons

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Moves the TWD Spin-off series in the right direction.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead seasons 4-6

Fans rave that Fear the Walking Dead season 6 has already improved immensely upon its earlier seasons. Though there is still plenty of criticism for seasons 4 and 5 of the AMC spinoff series, it is clear that season 6 brings positive progress.

What Fell Short in Earlier Fear The Walking Dead Seasons


Fans rejoiced when AMC’s spinoff series returned, only to find its earlier seasons fell short of quality content. One of the biggest changes the show made involved rebuilding the cast with The Walking Dead’s Morgan, a once-beloved character played by Lennie James. However, this choice pulled fans away from their current favorite, Madison, played by Kim Dickens. This transition changed the show’s entire tone and disheartened viewers.

In Season 5, Fans claim the new stories lost touch with what made the original show so great. When the characters immediately adopted Morgan’s philosophy, for example, viewers didn’t buy it. Fear the Walking Dead season 5 just never quite hit the mark and appeared dull in comparison to the first three seasons. Some say the first half of season 6 felt just as dry, but the latter episodes certainly improved.

How Season 6 Reclaimed Fans


The end of Fear the Walking Dead season 6 reclaimed their fans by stunningly fixing the previous plot holes. It introduced a multifaceted villain, Virginia, played by Colby Minifie, and reshaped Morgan into a more believable version of his character. Fear the Walking Dead season 6 also spread out the cast to focus on some of the minor characters.

Season 6 Sparks Hope for the Show’s Future

The second half of this season really sparked hope for the show’s future, thanks in part to the characters and their stellar interactions. Examples include John Dorie’s suicide attempt, which turned quickly into a heart-wrenching moment that forced his character to make a sudden, though failed, decision. Also, no one can forget the following battle that centered around the fate of Virginia, soon-to-be villain, or the compelling look into Daniel Salazar’s character, played by Ruben Blades. Seen as one of the group’s best characters, it was interesting to see him mentally suffer after one of the season’s greatest twists.


Besides Blades’ spectacular performance, the show also introduced Teddy into episode 11. Played by John Glover, his alluring personality, twisted views, and ideal performance are sure to make him a strong contender for the best villain yet.

Looking Ahead of Fear The Walking Dead Season 6

Now that the iconic group has been reunited, here is what to look forward to later in the series. We have seen how Fear the Walking Dead season 6 turned a sinking ship into a first-class vessel by providing fans with quality entertainment. Now, we can expect to see a lot more from John, June, Daniel, and Wes. Their stories, character arcs, and pacing are only going to improve as the show progresses forward. With season 6 fixing the lesser-quality episodes, viewers of Fear of the Walking Dead are rightfully excited for what’s next.

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