Star Wars Andor series is only a day away. Series creator Tony Gilroy is bringing Star Wars fans a gritty spy thriller without all the usual fan service, and that’s what makes this latest series in the Star Wars Universe unique.

Premiering tomorrow, September 21 on Disney+, the Andor series takes place five years before the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story where we first met rebel spy Cassian Andor. Fans already know Cassian’s fate when he and Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) along with the squad of rebels when they make their final sacrifices on the beach of Planet Scarif to make sure the Death Star plans get delivered to the rest of the rebellion alliance.

In the latest Lucasfilm series, Star Wars fans will be reunited with Diego Luna reprising his role as Cassian Andor. The Andor series will tell a personal story of a migrant who’s thrown into the service of something bigger and recruited to join a cause against the Empire.

The Empire is the reason Cassian lost his home after it was mined and exploited when he was younger. The opening episodes of the Andor series could’ve followed a storyline that glorified those who take Cassian from his home to save him. Instead, we follow Cassian in a chain of events that show him as a younger boy carving out his own path. Andor will have to do things just to survive, move through spaces he shouldn’t, and stick it to the Empire.

The Andor series shows some similarities to Blade Runner’s gritty cyberpunk tone and feel with the pulsing beats in the 3-episode premiere. Andor does feel less like a blockbuster so far where as shows like The Mandalorian still sticks to the aspect of the Star Wars Universe making. Gilroy explores a new way to tell the stories beneath the surface of the typical Rebellion versus the Empire themes or Jedi versus Sith.

It’s not just about the Force and its followers or the sudden appearance of the rebel alliance going up against the Empire and Darth Vader that Star Wars fans are familiar with. The Andor series will follow the alternate paths that open up for those who are willing to stand up against conforming to the current rule.

Tony Gilroy, known for the Bourne series and Michael Clayton gives audiences the most relevant and revolutionary Star Wars story to date. Andor is more of a story of ordinary people beginning to take their power back by joining this pocket of the rebellion led by Cassian Andor.

The Andor series will have its 3-episode premiere September 21, 2022 on Disney+.


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