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Popthrill is an entertainment and pop-culture news source built and managed by like-minded folks who are fans of comic book movies, pop culture, science fiction, etc. We believe pop-culture talk is the new sports talk. Sometimes debating on who is a better Batman, Keaton or Bale can be just as fun as debating who the GOAT is in football. Maybe more fun if you’re not into sports. Okay, so back to sci-fi and comic books then!

Want to know what’s coming up for the MCU or DCEU? What’s next for the Star Wars Universe? Curious about comic conventions? Love sneaker talk? You’ve come to the right place. Sure, this isn’t an original idea. There are lots of pop-culture, nerd sites like us out there. So yeah, we’re jumping on the nerd bandwagon. Hop on! You’re more than welcome to join us! We’re also avid Comic-con goers. Check in with us to see the next con happening.

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